Extreme Volume PLUS+ Subscription – HOA Unlimited Program Benefits for Individual Subscribers with Extremely High Leaf Volume


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Your Extreme Volume PLUS+ Subscription includes your St Joe County Early Bird subsidies.

Extreme Volume PLUS+ Subscriptions are Limited.

Your Extreme Volume PLUS+ Subscription rate will expire after 24 hours

Extreme Volume PLUS+ Subscriptions provide

HOA Unlimited Program Benefits

for residents that don’t have an active HOA

OR have an Extremely High Volume of leaves.

You are receiving the opportunity now to purchase an Extreme Volume PLUS+ Subscription for this fall season because we recorded an extremely high volume of leaves for your address last fall. The County subsidizes not only standard subscription base cost but also subsidizes all leaf disposal costs by 50%. Your cumulative recorded volume was extremely high. 

The Extreme Volume PLUS+ subscription provides you discounted pricing that is lower than your Early Bird subscription cost with the added high volume disposal surcharge. Your Extreme Volume PLUS+ subscription benefits are similar to the HOA Unlimited Program so you receive a larger discount and better benefits with enhanced service normally only available to HOA subscription members. 

Extreme Volume PLUS+ Program features include: 

  • Unlimited leaf volume from your home. No added high volume leaf disposal surcharges. (No subscription sharing allowed).
  • Unlimited pile location along your curb line including both sides of a corner lot and/or rear property line along a roadway. Only location guideline is 15′ from mailbox/obstacles to prevent damage or from neighboring property lines. 
  • Cul’d’ sac lots with less than 15′ of frontage to mailbox and/or property lines may use center islands. 
  • Grass clippings. 
  • Pine Needles.
  • Added passes after the Standard 4 pass Program is completed weather permitting. 
  • Early Spring Pass option if desired (Standard Pass begins 3rd Monday in May). 
  • Snow Plan Priority before Standard Subscriptions.
  • Winter season collection if weather allows and four passes were not completed prior to Dec 18th due to weather. 
  • 10% rebate on all OnDemand Express Service subscriptions purchased before November 1st(See     


Buy now to receive your Early Bird Extreme Volume PLUS+ Program     

BUY NOW if you want to take advantage of this very Limited Offer!


All Subscribers Receive:   

  1. Advance Email & Text Alerts            –  Notify you of schedule updates
  2. Pre and Post Delivery notifications –  Reminders when you need them
  3. Proof of Service Verification            –  Date & Time Stamped Pictures/Field Inspectors
  4. 24/7 Hotline Call Center                   –  Provides Knowledge Base for all your questions
  5. Informative Website                         –  Answers for Anything & Everything regarding the program
  6. Municipal Quality Fleet                    –  Guaranteed Dependability when conditions turn to inclement weather
  7. Over 100 years experience               –  Management Team/Crews have over 100 years experience
  8. Live Subscriber Call Center              –  All Subscribers receive 24/7 Call Center access for Q&A’s


The St. Joseph County Leaf Program has the Largest Municipal Leaf Vac Fleet in the US

St. Joe County Recycling is the ONLY Vac Fleet in Indiana & Michigan with Automated Vacs

Guaranteed Dependability

We have collected over 3,200,000 cubic yards of leaves !

See Terms of Service for details.

Subscriptions are per resident address and sharing subscriptions is Prohibited. Subscription sharing is cause for immediate subscription termination without refund and permanent exclusion from future programs. All subscribers are required to participate in the Guaranteed Collection System aka the Subscriber Identification Program. See for details.