Clean Air Club Loyalty Subscription – Guaranteed Lowest Subscription Price means Highest Value! (Copy)

$149.00 / year

Lowest Guaranteed Annual Subscription Automatically Renewable Product/Service – Your Credit Card will be charged annually on January 3rd for the lowest priced Subscription every year based on your product category.

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Lowest Pricing Every Year !

Clean Air Loyalty Club Member Subscriptions Auto Renew Every Year at the Lowest cost and no fighting for Limited Early Bird Subscriptions 

We are excited to introduce the Clean Air Loyalty Club. Every Spring during the Early Bird Sale you can subscribe for the lowest subscription prices of the season. Due to high demand, the Early Bird Subscriptions have historically sold out in just a few days, due to the fact that only 3,000 Early Bird Subscriptions have been available, for a buyer pool of over 33,000 households served by the Leaf Collection program in unincorporated St. Joseph County.

St Joe County Recycling has introduced the Clean Air Loyalty Club for those residents that have subscribed in the past and renew annually because they care about keeping the air clean for everyone’s health and welfare.

The Clean Air Club rewards Loyalty Members with the lowest guaranteed price available every season without the need to remember the Early Bird Sale start date or lose out on the lowest subscription price available.

Clean Air Club Loyalty Member Subscriptions are renewed automatically, every season, during Clean Air Club renewal time, at the lowest guaranteed price!


And as a Special Clean Air Club Subscription Member you will receive a subscription value that is LOWER than the Early Bird subscription price! A discount of over 55% and a savings of $ 290.00 !!! But only if you subscribe before January 15th


Clean Air Club Members will also receive a special Hotline Service number with extended Customer Service Hours for program questions.  


To recap your exclusive Clean Air Club Member Benefits:

  • Lowest Guaranteed Subscription category rate
  • Automatic annual renewal
  • Clean Air Club Member Hotline with extended Customer Service hours