Exclusively for New Spring Subscribers – Specially Discounted Spring ReLeaf Package – Up to 7 Passes Included

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For NEW Program Subscribers that need Spring ReLeaf now, your Specially Discounted Spring ReLeaf Package has everything you need to get rid of your leaves beginning with your Spring Pass.

Your Spring ReLeaf Package Includes:

  • Spring Pass   2021  – Single Pass beginning 3rd Monday in May/Monitor website for details
  • Fall Program 2021  – Up to 5 passes beginning Oct 18th thru Dec 18th ***
  • Spring Pass   2022  – Single Pass beginning 3rd Monday in May 2022

Don’t think you don’t need Five Passes to keep your yard clean & leaf Free

*** In Fall 2020 99% of all Subscribers had leaves out for every Pass*** 

All Subscribers Receive:   

  1. Advance Email & Text Alerts            –  Notify you of schedule updates
  2. Pre and Post Delivery notifications –  Reminders when you need them
  3. Proof of Service Verification            –  Date & Time Stamped Pictures/Field Inspectors
  4. 24/7 Hotline Call Center                   –  Provides Knowledge Base for all your questions
  5. Informative Website                         –  Answers for Anything & Everything you might ask


The St. Joseph County Leaf Program has the Largest Private Municipal Leaf Vac Fleet in the US

Guaranteed Dependability

We have collected over 3,000,000 cubic yards of leaves in rain & snow !

Subscriptions are per resident address and sharing subscriptions is Prohibited. Subscription sharing is cause for immediate subscription termination without refund and permanent exclusion from future programs. All subscribers are required to participate in Subscriber Identification Program.