Special Limited Time Partridge Woods HOA Unlimited Leaf Collection Subscription – New for 2022 – Grass Clippings & Pine Needles now accepted :-) (Copy)


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This Special HOA Subscription is ONLY for Partridge Woods HOA Members seeking to join the HOA Unlimited Program

The Board of Commissioners and County Council have Banned ALL Burning in St Joseph County and needed to provide an affordable and quality alternative for county residents. The Board of Commissioners and County Council have subsidized subscription rates so that you can have an affordable and dependable service to collect your leaves this Fall. To encourage compliance with the Leaf Burn Ban, the County Council increased the fine structure for burning to up to $1,000.00 for first offense.

New in 2022 Program 

  • New for 2022 – Unlimited Pile placement anywhere along your lawn curb adhering to the basic guidelines. For corner or large lots you can use your entire curb line within the guidelines.   

  • New for 2022 – Grass clippings mixed with the leaves in the piles from collection and all Pine needles are now included for your Special HOA Subscription.


****All passes are weather permitting and subscribers are guaranteed Spring collection if weather does not permit fall collection passes. See and read terms and conditions for details. ****

See Terms of Service for more details.

Anyone that is not in the Partridge Woods HOA that subscribes using this payment link will be cancelled and their payment will not be refunded. If you would like Special HOA or Group pricing contact us using the Group/HOA application form at 

HOA Subscriptions are per address and sharing subscriptions is Prohibited. Subscription sharing is cause for immediate subscription termination without refund and permanent exclusion from future programs. All subscribers are required to participate in the Guaranteed Collection Program. See for details.