OnDemand Express Service Option for Nov 24th – Single Pass Subscription – Base Subscription Required


Just raked your leaves to the curb and prefer to have them collected sooner than your neighbors ?

Party this weekend and you need to get your leaves collected so you have curb side parking?

Snow in the forecast and you want to jump to the front of the line ?

Halloween trick or treaters ? Need your curb line cleared before Halloween ?

OnDemand from St Joe County Recycling

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OnDemand Service Option


You tell us when you want your leaves collected. 


OnDemand subscriptions are available in limited quantities by date.

First come = First served. 

  • OnDemand Service Subscriptions are purchased a minimum of 12 hours in advance.

  • Subscription is good for a single curb side collection only for the date specified.

  • Time is not guaranteed. Collection occurs anytime from midnight to midnight. Autovacs collect 24/7. 

  •  All your leaves for collection are required to be at your curb by 6pm day prior to specified date.

  • No refunds, returns or reschedules due to failure to place leaves at your curb line or in non-compliant piles.

  • Base Standard, HOA or PLUS+ subscription required to qualify  for and use OnDemand Single Pass subscription.


See Terms of Service for details.

Subscriptions are per resident address and sharing subscriptions is Prohibited. Subscription sharing is cause for immediate subscription termination without refund and permanent exclusion from future programs. All subscribers are required to participate in the Guaranteed Collection System aka the Subscriber Identification Program. See for details.