Guaranteed Collection System Subscription Marker Replacement and Installation Trip – SMR49

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We encourage subscribers to monitor Subscription Markers using one of the many web based recording devices available such as ARLO/RING etc.. incorporating an infrared nighttime recording device.

Catch the thieves and prosecute them. Stealing Subscription Markers is a Crime.  


Upon payment for your replacement marker we will schedule an installer with a new marker.

It is critical that subscribers maintain their subscription markers so that fraudulent subscribers cannot easily steal markers and appear to be paying subscribers and defraud the county and ultimately cause true subscribers to bear the cost of subscription sharing and marker theft.    


The Board of Commissioners and County Council have subsidized subscription rates so that you can have an affordable and dependable service to collect your leaves this Fall. To encourage compliance with the Leaf Burn Ban, the County Council increased the fine structure for burning to up to $1,000.00 per occurrence for first offense.

Your Premium ReLeaf Program includes:  

  • Fall Program Passes   – Up to 4 passes beginning Oct 18th thru Dec 18th weather permitting ***

  • Spring Program Pass – Single Pass beginning 3rd Monday in May following the Fall Program to collect any leaves that were not collected in the fall, did not make it to the curb or fell in the winter months.

  • Fall 2020 Early Bird Subscribers received a total of up to Six (6) Passes for the Specially Discounted Rate as weather permitted additional Bonus Passes !  

Think you don’t need Five Fall Passes to keep your yard Clean & Leaf Free ???

*** Last Fall – Ninety-nine (99%) of all Subscribers had leaves out for every Pass*** 


All Subscribers Receive:   

  1. Advance Email & Text Alerts            –  Notify you of schedule updates
  2. Pre and Post Delivery notifications –  Reminders when you need them
  3. Proof of Service Verification            –  Date & Time Stamped Pictures/Field Inspectors
  4. 24/7 Hotline Call Center                   –  Provides Knowledge Base for all your questions
  5. Informative Website                         –  Answers for Anything & Everything regarding the program
  6. Municipal Quality Fleet                    –  Guaranteed Dependability when conditions turn to inclement weather
  7. Over 100 years experience               –  Management Team/Crews have over 100 years experience
  8. Live Subscriber Call Center              –  All Subscribers receive a customer PIN number that provides 24/7 Call Center access for Q&A’s


The St. Joseph County Leaf Program has the Largest Municipal Leaf Vac Fleet in the US

St. Joe County Recycling is the ONLY Vac Fleet in Indiana & Michigan with Automated Vacs

Guaranteed Dependability

We have collected over 3,000,000 cubic yards of leaves in rain & snow !

See Terms of Service for details.

Subscriptions are per resident address and sharing subscriptions is Prohibited. Subscription sharing is cause for immediate subscription termination without refund and permanent exclusion from future programs. All subscribers are required to participate in Subscriber Identification Program.