Subsidized Program includes Up to 5 Collection Passes with Spring Pass

St. Joseph County has subsidized a Program that provides all residents an equal opportunity for an affordable program regardless of location. All subscriptions are substantially discounted through the subsidy that provides infrastructure for affordable collection and disposal. This affordable alternative to burning is to promote clean air during the CV19 pandemic and the future. Clean air is more than a quality of life issue. Clean air is a health and life & death issue for residents with CV19. The County Council is debating ways to toughen the Burn Ban and increase penalties to encourage residents to adhere to the Burn Ban. For the 2020 fall season and beyond it is likely that Burn Amnesty will be revoked due to CV19 respirtory concerns.

St. Joseph County has provided a complete solution to the burn ban. The program includes:

1st Pass – starts when leaves are falling

2nd Pass – starts no earlier than 1st Monday in November

3rd Pass – starts no earlier than 3rd Monday in November

4th Pass – starts after 3rd Pass completed thru Dec. 18th weather permitting

Spring Pass – begins 3rd Monday in May to collect any leaves remaining from Jan/Feb leaf fall

St. Joseph County has subsidized collection equally for all residents, in all Townships in the unincorporated areas of the county so that all residents can receive up to a complete 5 pass program, by subscription, at a substantially discounted value.

Subscription values vary by:

1. Signing date(sooner = better / lower cost)

2. Density(Low / Medium / High / Very High)

3. Subscriber group size (Discounts for 10+ subscriber groups) or HOA (All HOA residents must subscribe).

4. All subsidized pricing is based on a standard single county lot.